What does Bixmile do?

The ultimate goal is to help you improve your sailing.

Can the Bixmile App run on iPod, iPhone and iPad?

Yes, the Bixmile App runs on all three devices, both in landscape and portrait orientation.

Can i see my GPS Speed and Course?

Yes, you can see your SOG(speed over Ground) and COG(Course over Ground) from your GPS in your mobile device. You can also connect and external GPS. The Bixmile App will turn off the internal GPS when an external GPS is connected.

Can i connect my onboard instruments to the Bixmile App?

Yes, the Bixmile App can read data from onboard electronics. The SailMon SBox, Ship modul, DMK interface and many more are supported.

Which instruments can be shown?

There is a long list of instruments for display here when connected to a wifi box. Without this connection you can show GPS position, GPS speed, GPS Course, Heel, true wind speed (from NOAA forecast) and trip distance.

Which GPS is used, the GPS of my mobile device or the GPS connected via Wifi?

The Bixmile App detects automatically the GPS availability of both the internal GPS and an external GPS. The external GPS has priority over the internal as the external will be more accurate. The internal GPS will be deactivated whenever an external GPS is available.

Which iOS versions are supported?

The Bixmile App supports iOS versions 7.0 and higher.

Does the Bixmile App show nautical charts?

Yes, we show OpenSeaMap nautical data on top of Google Maps. Today this required internet access. No offline charts.

When is the App recording data?

The App is recording data every second when running and in the foreground.

How do i get the App to run in Portrait/landscape mode?

This is easy, go to settings (the three lines symbol), to App and click Orientation. In Automatic mode the App will auto-rotate the layout. In Portrait mode it will be limited to Portrait mode. In Landscape mode it will be limited to Landscape mode.

What does the percentage mean in Anchor Watch?

The percentage used of the Anchor Guard circle. If the percentage is larger than 100% you are outside the circle and you will get an alarm message. 0% means you are in the center.

My GPS position is not showing.

This is easy to solve, if your Position, SOG or COG instruments show: "GPS use denied" go to your devices settings, go to Privacy, go to Location services and Enable GPS use for the Bixmile App. If you get: "Allow GPS use first" solve this by going to your devices settings, go to Privacy, go to Location services and enable the Location service.

Can i use the Bixmile app if my fleet is using RaceQs for replays?

Yes, you can. Use Bixmile as normal and export to RaceQs later. Read more here